Thursday, June 19, 2014

Power to the (Barn) People - Phase 2

Jason arrived bright and early this morning to start Phase 2 of the barn power project.  Today was getting the circuit to the greenhouse and big silver barn run, the biggest of the many jobs involved in the project.  He was done by noon and now we just await the code inspector to bless the running of the conduit so we can fill in the trenches and get use of the maternity pasture back
 The new junction box.  Once it's all painted, you won't hardly notice it
 The greenhouse interior, cleared for action.  Two GFCI outlets and the fan to be hooked up

 Since we are already running the trench right by it, we decided to go ahead and drop a line to the water tanks for a dedicated circuit to run the tank heaters in the winter.  No more long extension cords crossing the entrance to the pasture
 At the big silver barn.  The broken pipe is the drain pipe for the feederbunk gutters that Dale installed last winter.  He'll be fixing it this summer
Note to OSU large animal vets (that's YOU, Jorge!!) - you're welcome


  1. No more frosty mornings with an ax handle? You're going to miss that!

  2. No. Pretty sure not. Especially after last winter. Broke the ax handle, had to use small sledge.

    Did I mention that I won't be missing that?