Thursday, June 12, 2014

Butterfly Boogie

If you plant it, they will come.  This butterfly is a regular visitor to the garden, but quite timid and shy.  I got lucky a few days ago and got close enough to take about 50 pictures of it enjoying lunch
 Alighting on a very aptly named Butterfly Weed (Asclepsis) 'Orange Glory Flower'

 Butterfly paradise.  Clockwise from left - Orange Glory Flower, Tickseed (coreopsis) Salvia 'Rose Queen', petunias, verbena and Million Bells, wild pink cornflower.  Not shown - sweet peas, lavender, lilies, Sweet William, snap pea 'Tom Thumb', storks bills geranium 'Sweetheart, pansies, zonal geraniums, nemesia, diaschia, agastache, verbascem 'Southern Charm', fleabane and roses - a royal buffet for pollinators

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