Sunday, May 25, 2014

Roses For Noses

To me personally, it seems a waste to have a gorgeous flower without fragrance.  I grow a lot of old garden roses for that very reason.  Almost all have a strong, pleasing fragrance.  Besides that, they bloom like crazy, have wonderful, interesting shapes and colours, tend towards the disease-free spectrum (excepting some of the yellow shades descended from 'Austrian Copper') and make lovely, informal bushes that are attractive even when not in bloom.  Yes, most OGR's only bloom once in the spring, but there are many that have two huge bloom cycles throughout the year.  And, 'Celsiana' has already had a small fall flowering for me once.  And this time of year, in the late afternoon, standing anywhere around the stock tank where 'Complicata' and 'Celsiana' are now in nearly full bloom is like being near the fragrance counter at a department store, without the strangely jarring mix of fragrances and salesladies chasing you with a spray bottle.  So, I guess it's nothing like being near the fragrance counter at a department store.  It's just way, WAY better.
 Rosa gallica Versicolour, aka 'Rosa Mundi' or 'Fair Rosamund', dating back to before the 1300's
'Celsiana' damask rose

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