Thursday, May 15, 2014

Iris Rainbow

After a hot, sweaty and dirty morning wrangling cows and calves - weigh and worm day, before Bart comes to pick his girls up next week - it was refreshing to see the winds shift around to bring in the cooling ocean breezes inland.  So I grabbed the camera and made the rounds of the iris beds and pots.  My iris expert and fellow cow pal Bonnie probably knows all the names; I don't remember if I even did know them in the first place, except for 'Baboon Butt' (not blooming yet), 'Royal Blue Batik' and 'Supreme Sultan'.  Otherwise, I just call them all 'Gorgeous'
Don't forget to click the first pix to start the show!

 Absolutely gorgeous colour!
 'Supreme Sultan'.  Easy to tell - the biggest blooms on the tallest plants
 NOT 'Supreme Sultan'.  Much smaller and more muted colouring along with some plicata on the falls (yellow dashes on the purple petals)
 I call this pairing 'Dessert'.  As in lemon meringue pie and blueberries with cream
 If you look very, very closely at the outside edges of the falls (the bottom 'lip' petals), you'll see just the faintest dashes of light lavender

 I used to not like this one very much.  Lately, however, the colour has really taken hold of me, and the fragrance is without a doubt the best of the iris I grow
 No, not a novelty iris.  A very happy petunia.  I couldn't resist
Nope, just a party in a pot

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