Sunday, May 25, 2014

If a Man Falls a Tree in the Pasture....

...will his bull think it was just for him?  If his bull is Roar, then the answer is yes, absolutely.
It's been several years since the black blight claimed all three madrones in the north pasture, and it was time to finally take them down.  This long dead and dried, they make the most excellent firewood as they burn long and hot.  They are also very hard at this point, as evidenced by the one ruined chain for the small chainsaw that ended the tree falling after just one of the three was taken down.  With a promise of  rain bearing down on us anyway, we picked up the small stuff while the cows arrived to take charge of mashing up and breaking up every branch and twig within reach that was still attached to the tree.
Don't forget to click the first pix and see it on the big screen as there is some pretty scenery in there too
 Dale and Big Orange headed towards the target tree.  No, not the gigantic Oregon white oak, the small, dead madrone to the right
 The target
 Dale takes his facing cut
 On to the back cut
 In the real logging world, NOBODY yells 'Timber!!'.  They yell 'WATCH OUT!!!'

 Not bad.  Note the nicely figured bark

 Zenda the steer arrives to take the first shot at the downed tree
 And then Roar arrives to take charge of the downed tree

 This is what you get with Murray Greys.  No fear, none whatsoever, and great curiosity.  Mostly driven by the thought there might be food involved somehow
Roar, bummed that his big scratching post is driving off

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