Monday, May 12, 2014

Floral Blast

If flowers and greenhouses aren't your thing, go ahead and skip this post.  I won't mind at all.
Mothers Day was spent hauling out the pots left in the greenhouse, making up new pots from stuff left in the greenhouse, and cleaning up the greenhouse, sort of anyway.  It was a picture perfect day, as you will see below.
My sense of colour and design tend towards the "Gee, got these things left, lets just stick 'em all in a pot and see what happens" school of thought.  Sometimes, it is a bit weird, but sometimes, it delightfully ends up working fabulously.  I had a few of each this time, and as the others fill in/out and start really flowering, watch for the pix to show up on the blog.
Don't forget to click the first pix to start the slideshow and enjoy!
 One of 'those' pots, but I think, for me at least, it's pretty cool looking

 The greenhouse went from groaning to echoing in one day.  Still plenty in there, not quite ready to risk the Martha Washingtons to the outside yet, and of course the overflow seedling trays

 The alliums.  Above, in sunlight.  Below, in shade.  Same variety

 Them some pretty big ol' flowerheads.  And they smell absolutely divine!

 'Lyda Rose'.  Fills the air around the dairy barn garage with its sweet scent
'Jacqueline du Pre' shrub rose, the first to bloom this year, and so fragrant I had to shoo bees off this bloom to get a good shot.  It's okay, they came back as soon as I was done 

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