Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fear Me - I Have Super Flowers

Brace yourself - there are 21 pictures in this post.  Click on the first one and view on a big screen for the best enjoyment of pure beauty
 Paeony 'Bowl of Beauty'

 Just for me, tye dye petunias!
 If anyone had asked you if you thought that brown, gold and mauve would be a good colour combo in a flower, would you have said yes?
 Above and below, 'Alchymist' climbing shrub rose.  Powerfully fragrant at all stages of bloom

 Tough and cheerful 'Summer Skies' chaenarrhinum.  Takes everything you throw at it and just keeps on going
 Stock tank corner with two old garden roses, 'Complicata' (below) and 'Celsiana', just getting ready to bloom

 Cricket poses with 'Rosa gallica Versicolour' aka Rosa Mundi, an ancient old garden rose, covered with buds.  All this in spite of never getting any water other than rain and during the construction of the dog room addition, getting severely hacked back, trampled and abused
 Shrub rose 'Savoy Hotel'
 Floribunda rose 'Playboy, above and below, with a friend

 A cute impatiens I ran across at Johnson Brothers Nursery a few weeks ago
 There's that colour combo thing again - who would have thought this attractive in any way just by its description?
 Had to throw in some nice scenic shots of Gem the Border Collie
 Austin climbing rose 'The Impressionist'

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