Sunday, May 18, 2014

Dutch Treat

In the middle of the bearded iris blooming season, the Dutch iris start a show of their own.  The nice thing is that the gophers and voles don't seem to like iris of any kind, which is why I started planting tulips in pots.  Tulips must be like a dessert to gophers and voles around here, because while there are some areas where tulips seem to remain unmolested for years, around here, we must have giant neon underground signs directing the little varmints to our locale

 As usual, I threw in two pictures that have nothing to do with Dutch iris.  The pot above has a brand new, never before seen colour combo for Nemesia, red and white "Cherries ala Mode".  The pot below is probably the coolest one I did this year thus far, and it just keeps getting better.  I'm just so proud that something worked out so nicely

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