Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Distributing the Pots

I couldn't take it any longer.  I had to do it.  Now I just hope that I didn't jump the gun too much!  Any foray into the 30's now would be pretty nasty, but I was willing to take the chance.  The greenhouse was groaning, it was so full, and everything was just so darn pretty, I wanted it OUT so everyone could enjoy them.  Thus, the dogs and I, mostly I, pulled pots and hanging baskets out of the greenhouse, loaded them into the puttputt, and distributed them.  Then, I brought more pots back to the greenhouse, filled them with flowers that were waiting for homes, and took them back out.  It was an enjoyable way to spend the late afternoon.
Enjoy the show!

 Okay, so there were some pictures not of pots. 'Alchymist' old garden rose, just hitting its stride
 A pioneer rose from Don.  He dug the original bushes from what was at one time the far southern boundary of our property.  Now, one has come back home.  I should know what this is, it appears to be a double form of 'Father Hugo' but someday I'll go look it up and identify it
 The lupine has started blooming.  It always looks so lush and tropical
 Flax, that I never planted in that pot yet it blooms every year
Such a cute petunia deserved a cute pot and stand

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