Sunday, May 18, 2014

Big Bada BOOM

We rarely get thunder bumpers in this part of Oregon, but when we do, they are awe inspiring.  Yesterday evening, one popped up.  I know this because I was contemplating going out to feed the hounds when the first boomer rolled over the ranch.  I thought it was headed this way, and knew that I would need to peel Gem the BC out of the back of one of the doghouses or crates, so I grabbed the iPad and camera and went out to see.  As it turned out, it just rolled on up the Willamette Valley, northward and just to the east side of I-5 and didn't make landfall here.  I tracked it for awhile on the StormTracker app for the iPad and I must say, the folks in Albany, Lebanon, Canby and points NE sure must have had a show!
Click on the first pic to start the slideshow and definitely see these on a big screen!
 The best shot from yesterday
 Above and below, from this morning.  No thunder, some rain and that magical light that always appears this time of year

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