Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Taste of Summer

We had been warned.  It was coming.  Our annual early taste of summer.  It's not unusual to have a few 70 degree days in February and March.  Our record highs start hitting the 80's in early April for the first time.  And so, it happened.  While the coastal portions of both California and Oregon positively broiled - Coos Bay, Oregon hit 90!! - we did get to 82 by late afternoon, as did Eugene, breaking the old record of 81.
It was perfect spraying weather.  We started the broadleaf, tansy and thistle spraying on Tuesday morning after the dew burned off, knowing that altho it was still cool on Tuesday, it wouldn't be by Wednesday and Thursday.  And that meant that the target weeds would be mighty thirsty and glad to 'drink the Koolaid', as it were.  After we finished spraying, it was time to start the gate from the dog run to the north pasture project, so we traded puttputt and 25 gallon double barreled sprayer for Big Orange with the augur on the back, drilled the first hole and set the post in concrete.  And then we put the fence back together after collecting the various hounds that delighted in their new-found freedom to indulge in a little cow chasing and putting them back in the run.
Relief is in sight.  Today is the second and last warm day, and then it's back to normal, high 50's to mid 60's and rain.  But, the 'Mirai' corn is up and looking good, the snow and snap peas are climbing up their trellis, the paeonies are about to explode, the lilacs - the lilacs just make going outside in the early morning a cherished experience of olfactory pleasure that should be experienced by everyone at least once in their lifetime

Dale and Cricket relax in the swing.  She can smell the lilacs behind them; alas, poor Dale cannot

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