Monday, April 28, 2014

The New Gangsta Girls

Saturday was the annual Oregon Spring Poultry Swap and Sale up at the Polk County fairgrounds in Rickreall, so Dale and I decided to take a day to go hen hunting.  Didn't take long - walked in, saw the two white Ameracauna cross hens in literally the first pen, bought them on the spot.  We checked out everything chicken and then some in that first building, then moved on to the next building, where right up front was a lady with the two 6 month old Buff Orpingtons.  Added them as well.  They lay HUGE eggs, and I do mean HUGE, plus they lay all winter without having to be lit up like most other egg producing breeds.
They will stay in the coop pen for awhile until they understand they are home.  The last of the old Gangsta Girls, the 7 year old Silver Laced Wyandotte that is STILL laying almost daily, was not amused to have her territory invaded by these cheeky youngsters.  But, she'll get over it, I'm sure.

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