Saturday, April 19, 2014


It's been a bit rainy the past two days.  Lord knows, we desperately need the rain and I'm far from complaining.  Especially since it makes for good lighting and a little bit of interest with the raindrops on petals.  But, the night temps have been in the mid 30's as of late, which means I'm still stuffing the greenhouse to bursting with all the new pretties that cannot yet go out and enjoy the rain.
Soon, my lovelies, soon....
 Lewisia, a charming semi succulent wildflower that blooms sweet little quarter sized blooms in a rainbow of candy colours.  Weathered the massive snow and 9 days of far below freezing temperatures this winter without missing a beat
 Ditto this fun wallflower.  The scent - unbelievable.  The colour - incomparable
 Speaking of incomparable scents, 'Scentsation' lilac is just blooming now
 And, in the greenhouse, the hanging baskets are starting to really rock.  But, being tender creatures of immense beauty, they must stay in the warmth for awhile longer.  We can hit the 30's well into June up here
 'Lemon Slice' Million Bells and a stunning tricolor nemesia who's name I cannot remember
 Geranimums (zonal) and 'Opal Innocence' diascia
 Martha Washington geraniums.  They survived the winter in the greenhouse, which was something of a miracle

 'Queen of the Night' tulips in the Drama Queen planter, still going strong
 A cheerful basket of pansies and petunias (almost blooming) greet everyone entering the driveway
 'Sweetheart' storks bill geranium.  This is not only one tough plant, it's quite fragrant and it reseeds like mad.  Went thru the winter, popped up everywhere and it never gets any but incidental watering - and it STILL blooms like mad almost all year
 Tree paeony 'Silk Road' - it just keeps getting better and better every year and perfumes the air all around its huge blooms
Alas, the poor 'Meyer Improved' lemon.  I fear it is done for.  I did find a bit of green wood when I cut it back, but I don't hold out a lot of hope.  Too many days too far below freezing, even covered as it was with two blankets, was probably just too much for it to survive

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