Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mayhem on the Heat Mats

I was happy.  Everything I've seeded thus far has mostly sprouted and many are now moved off the nurturing heat mats in the dairy barn garage and into the greenhouse to await transplanting to either the garden or various pots.  So happy was I that I decided to do another two big trays of seeds on the mats, stuff I could gift to friends and neighbours and the like.  And, they all sprouted just fine.  Once seeds have sprouted on the mats, I remove the clear plastic domes during the day for air circulation, which is needed to insure that the tender seedlings don't dampen off and die.  But, because our temps have been in the 30's many mornings, and also for rodent protection, the domes must go back on in the evening.
As you can see, Sunday night I forgot to put the dome back on the big tray of seedlings.  And on Monday morning, I'm sure quite a few people probably heard my screams of rage, mostly at myself for stupidly forgetting to put the dome back on.
I wouldn't get so mad if the little (insert bad words here) would EAT the damn things, instead of 'tasting' them and then moving on to the next one.  Reminds me of Goldilocks.
Wonder if I can get a bear to hang out in the dairy barn garage?
 The little rodent liked the Heinz tomatoes, but not the Indigo Blueberries, Persimmon or Kellogg's Breakfast, which it only snipped off
 From 16 strong, healthy cuke seedings down to one, and from 3 big, strong Kakai pumpkins to one.  It really liked the cukes and pumpkin seedlings
 Wasting food.  Don't snip it off if you're not going to eat the whole damn thing

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