Saturday, April 5, 2014

Joy's New Boy

Joy is such a good girl.  She was due today, and at last bed check last night, I pretty much figured that she'd calve today.  Thus, I was not surprised at 0715 this morning to find her little boy up and at 'em, probably just minutes old.  By 0800 he'd already made a pretty good dent in her bag, which probably made her happy as like momma LeeLu, she carries a tremendous bag.  Joy is LeeLu's first born, by the Australian bull Warrooks Zenda.  Joy's first boy is by Roar, and thankfully, this little guy didn't get daddy's ears

 Minutes old
 Bridgette checks out her, um, half uncle?  Let's see.  Joy is out of LeeLu.  Bridgette's dad is LeeLu's son Zamora, by Roar, big brother to LeeLu's 2014 boy Bodie.  Joy's son is by Roar.  Bridgette's mom is Sapphire, a Roar daughter.  So yeah, let's just go with her relative and leave it at that
 Bridgette has the most expressive ears
 Quite an audience, what with the sheep, lambs, and Banshee about to violate Joy's airspace
 Typical big sister, Banshee gives Bodie a piece of advice about how hard Joy can kick - from experience
 Downward Calf
Proud momma Joy and her new son

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