Monday, April 28, 2014

Cow For Sale - Sapphire

Morgan Rivers Xpensive
DOB 28 March 2010
BW 75#
JB Roar X JB Moonstruck (by Twin Fir Black Powder by Willalooka Power)
Sapphire is a sweet, gentle, easy going cow raising her 3rd calf.  All of her calves came with zero help.  Her first one was one of those 'now she doesn't have a calf, now she does' type calvings.  All of her calves are up and nursing within minutes.  She has been halter trained but hasn't been in one for quite awhile, but is easy enough it wouldn't take much to retrain her.  She carries her mother's outstanding udder and milk production as well as being a very easy keeper.
She was possibly bred to Morgan Rivers Alfa, full brother to Morgan Rivers Zamora, on 28 April 2014.  She is nursing a very fine black heifer calf, Bridgette (see previous post) by Zamora.
Weight 15 May with 3 month old calf - 1250#

Bridgette nursing a few days ago

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