Monday, April 28, 2014

Cow For Sale - Hilda

Morgan Rivers Yo Momma
DOB 29 April 2011
BW 88#  ADJ 205 664#  205 Index 100 Group Size 1
Morgan Rivers Talisman X Cabin Fever Miss Millie (by Cabin Fever Derringer by Black Butte Galaxy)
Weight 15 May - 1445#
Bred to Morgan Rivers Zamora, 2013 Josephine County Fair Grand Champion, 2012 black bull by JB Roar out of a The Glen Manual daughter.  Preg checked by OSU in November.  Due 18 July 2014
Pictures taken this afternoon on her 3rd birthday.  Has limited vision in her left eye due to pinkeye as a calf.  Gentle, easy going, very easy to work with, dropped her first calf without any fuss at all, mothered right up.  Her granddam EKY Silver (by KCC Mr. Painter 6A) sold a few years ago at age 17 with calf #15 at her side.  Her dam, Millie, is one of my best cows, never needs any help calving, always raises huge gaining calves on poor pasture.  Hilda bred right back after calving.  Respectful of fences and people, gets along with all cows even pushy, bossy ones, will work for a good, solid dog just fine.
You can see her EPD's on the American Murray Grey Association website at


 You can see the milky left eye.  OSU says she has limited vision and I agree, she can see shadows and such.  So long as she knows you are there - I just talk and let her know - she is just fine
Moments after her first calf was born, a 70# black bull calf

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