Sunday, April 6, 2014

Beau at 12 Hours

Morgan Rivers Beaufort, "Beau", at 12 hours old this morning.  A perky, healthy, strong boy, running the required laps around mom before a pause for breakfast - several pauses.
We had a little concern last night when we thought we wouldn't be able to move the pair into the safety of the maternity pasture.  But, the reality is, just like little sister Millie, Nellie is an awesome mom, very protective.  She was surprisingly okay with us handling her newborn yesterday, other than the growling which turns out to be more of a posturing than anything else.  On the other hand, any coyote, lone or in a pack, that would attempt to take her calf would have to be on a suicide mission.  Nellie is a BIG cow, and I would expect we would find trampled coyote parts if such an attempt were made

 Coming to visit the camera lady, much to mom's dismay

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