Thursday, March 13, 2014

Welcome to the Wild Ones

There is a reason I kept back my two old, reliable ewes Twyla and her sister Flossie when I sold off my flock last year.  And Flossie, good girl that she is, delivered her twin ewe lambs at noon today, under perfect conditions - freshly washed green pasture, blue skies, gentle breezes and plenty of sunshine and warmth.
Same lamb sire - Rango - and both sisters, yet the difference in their lambs is amazing.  Twyla had a red/white and a pure black ewe, while Flossie had two wildly marked black and white ewes.  The good thing - all ewe lambs this year, from my good momma ewes.  I'll be keeping them all, of course
 Older sister up and at 'em about 20 minutes old.  Younger sister just flopped down as I took the shot

 A few hours old, dried and fed and ready to run

 Ya just gotta love the tongue on Flossie here!

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