Friday, March 7, 2014

Weaning Day for Spud

Last evening, Dale and I sorted out Roar and Alfie the bulls from the girls, and while we were at it, Spud who just turned 6 months old.  It was time to let Hilda figure out for the first time the whole weaning thing.  To both of their credit, they did pretty well.  And, Nellie hung out with Hilda all day, at the fence, just for support.  Hilda is her niece, after all.
Fenceline weaning is the least stressful for both mom and baby.  They usually work thru it pretty quick, within a few days at the most.  And, Spud has two great role models - daddy Roar and half bro Alfie.  Plus, the lambs are fascinated with him almost as much as he is with them.
Plus, it was just a really pretty day to take a bunch of pictures just because I could
 Hilda calling to son, who is ignoring her

 Still ignoring mom's calls

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  1. Spud is saying "Mom..., I'm in with the big boys now. Don't go embarrassing me and calling to my like I'm some little calf or something."