Monday, March 17, 2014

Up Scale

Another long term project finished (well, okay - almost finished).  Our old method of weighing cattle, using 2 of Dale's corner weighing car scales, was woefully inadequate.  You had to glue your eyes to the numbers and hope that you got the biggest one as it flashed by, which was the correct one.  Otherwise, even if the cow stood stock still (which never happens) on the platform, the very act of nerves firing would cause it to fluctuate wildly.  So last year, we finally ordered a real cattle scale, and yesterday we installed a whole new platform for it.  It, as always, ended up being a bigger project than we anticipated, but in the end, we had a really nice set up.  The last thing to be done before using it for the first time is to build the hanging sideboards for the bottom of the alleyway panels.  This will keep the baby calves from getting their feet and legs stuck between the platform and the bottom rail of the alleyway panels, which they can easily do, being little, busy calves dancing around in the alleyway.
BTW, anyone in the market for a full, 4 scale set of computerized corner weight scales, we just happen to have a set for sale, battery powered and rechargeable.
 A mess o' wood, waiting to be turned into stuff
 Setting the 'backbone' of the platform was a nightmare of digging, leveling, redigging and releveling the 8 4X4's before the first platform 2X8X12 stringer could be put in place
 Bottom deck in place, scales set approximately where we think they should go
 Top stabilizing deck in place

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  1. corner weights... Nope, not going to tell Bill. But that is one dandy looking cattle scale. The Engineer does it again!