Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Photo Spectacular

Ah, so spring has arrived, more or less.  I know that in a lot of places, it sure as heck doesn't look, smell or feel like spring, but I'm sure it will eventually.  In the meantime, I went on a major photo safari today, kind of a first day of spring tradition.  The weather, as always, was unsettled; cold and frosty to start the morning, then patches of warmth whenever the sun found a break in the clouds, then the wind would get up and it would get cold again - in other words, a normal spring day in the Pacific Northwest, without any actual rain falling.
Don't forget to click the first picture to start the slideshow and enjoy!
 A bit of a frosty start to the first day of spring
 The bright yellow forsythia always put on a show
 A sea of blue muscari
 Of course, the daffodils along the north end of the maternity pasture
 The bee girls getting busy
 And, of course, the weeds (major league thistle in the maternity pasture here)
 Overview of the garden.  I am finally getting the feeling that it's about where I always envisioned it being, finally
 The new raspberry bed, with starts of 'Fall Gold' yellow raspberries that I pulled from around the mother plant
 Hard to see, but asparagus 'Jersey Knight' standing tall in the first two rows, with later roots in the last three rows not quite up yet
One of the tilled and ready to receive beds with some intruder prints and a hole, courtesy of Hoke.  Thus, the green fencing just installed today, some of which you can see to the left
 Greenhouse, and yes, that does say 80 degrees on the thermometer
 Spectacular new primrose 'Blue Zebra'
 Geranium 'Peppermint Twist' I think
 We grow our paperwhites outside
 The pretty camellia and the out of control rosemary blooming like crazy
 Should have warned you there were some artsy shots.  Forsythia, black walnut and spring sky and cloud
 One of the first tulips to bloom, and no, sorry, don't remember the name anymore

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