Monday, March 10, 2014

Beauty in Winter

The late winter here can be somewhat dreary.  By now, in a normal year, we're getting a little tired of everything being the same colour - mud - and the endless misty/rainy days of little or no sunshine.  So along about this time of year, the bulbs that laid dormant for oh so many months spring into action to cheer us all up.  Early tulips, daffodils, snowdrops, Glory-of-the-Snow, hellebores (not bulbs), crocus, muscari, forsythia (also not a bulb), pansies (ditto) - and the violets.  The sweetly scented little purple beauties pop up everywhere and yes, they do smell every bit as pretty as you think.
 A tub o violets in the shade garden.  It all started when I uprooted a single plant from the lawn (which they love under the trees) and transplanted it to this tub 2 years ago

Double your olfactory pleasure - Daphne odorata (Winter Daphne) mingles its ultra sweet scent with a volunteer wild violet 

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