Saturday, February 8, 2014

Yet More Snow

Okay, no, I cannot promise these to be the last of the Big Snow pictures.  Although, it's currently 30 degrees and has been raining since early morning.  Which means that the snow is probably on its way gone.  In the meantime, here are yet more artsy shots for your enjoyment, and in the case of little bro Jim in Wisconsin, dread - this monster is headed his way.  Sorry, bro!
The bad news is, with the rain and ice, trees and/or branches over at the park are snapping like whips.  Every time another big snap happens, Gem the BC runs and hides.  Gem is not a fan of those kinds of noises.  And, the power keeps taking hits as lines snap or whip together as the ice and snow break off.  The other bad thing is that this monster snowfall is supposed to be followed by very warm (mid 40's to low 50's) temperatures and nothing but rain for the next 7 days.  Last time this happened, in 1995, most of Portland was nearly wiped off the map with flooding.  Lord knows we need the water, but maybe not quite like this.
Don't forget to click the first pix to start the slideshow and try to view it on a big monitor.  It really loses a lot on an iPhone screen
 You'll note the reflections of the fence posts in the snow - that's because that snow is covered with a nice layer of ice from the rain this morning
 Hope that roof is rated for a major snow load

 I took a lot of shots of the old red barn, because I just can't get enough of the wonderful contrast in colour when it snows
 ComposTumbler, wearing a hat
 In the south pasture, the feed storage area Dale built this past fall, and the pile of snow I have been beating off the canopy for three days
 Those little hats on the fence posts.  I just can't help myself.  Plus, the snow level on the gate is kinda awe-inspiring
 The oak and fir grove out in the north pasture
 Rosa damascena 'Complicata', with an ice covered bud
 Good thing I hadn't gotten the gutters on the greenhouse yet!  I would have missed a nice icicle shot here
 Red barn, white snow, black trees.  A can't miss shot

Snow getting REALLY shiny now
 A cool distance shot of the Bellfountain Church
 For Shelly

 The infamous eyeballs, aka the Dogloo doghouses
 If you ever wondered why Doug fir lumber is so strong, now you know.  Look at that snow load!

 Gem the BC demos the dog tunnel on the deck
 Oh no!! Yellow snow!!  Sorry, you know by now I have zero self control when it comes to pictures
 Two shots taken Friday during the heavy snowfall

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