Tuesday, February 18, 2014

We Need It But....

...while no one is quite complaining - much - at this point, we are kind of thinking we need just a tiny break to let all this water soak in.  And even then, we still need to catch up our deficit.  Not sure what it's currently running, but probably still in the double digits

 In nearly 8 years, I've not seen this much standing water in our north pasture - at all.  The maternity pasture is more like a shallow lake except around the barn, and the working arena IS a lake on the west side
And then there is the last of the snow - yes, snow.  10 days and counting, but at the rate it's been raining, averaging over an inch every 24 hours, I expect this side to be gone by tonite and the west side, which was much deeper, in the next few days.  Unless, of course, it snows again on Thursday.  Which it might.  But probably not

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  1. I've been wondering, how does snow melt get added into the rainfall total?