Friday, February 14, 2014

The Many Faces of Banshee the Heifer Calf

Dale came up with Banshee, and it sure seems to fit!  This girl is on the move, all the time.  If I am walking, I listen to hear her sneaking up behind me for a surprise attack.  She runs after me in the pasture, and defied momma Millie when it came to trying to play with little sister Bridgette.
Yep, this girl has her momma's attitude all right.  And she's WAY cuter - at least at this stage.
The first set of pictures are from her first 24 hours

 6 hours old and already she can launch like a missile
 Love the little blobs of flying snow
 1 day old

 Ooooo, attiTUDE!!
 3 days old, snow all gone

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