Sunday, February 9, 2014

The First Calf of 2014

She did it again.  A week early, the worst possible weather, way too early in the morning to be up and about.  That's Millie - totally inconsiderate cow, that one.  But her daughters by Roar - fabulous!  This little girl was a bundle of energy at about 3 hours old, 70# of darling, dark heifer calf.
It's a 'B' year for us, and with Millie, we always try to stick with names involving speed (Victory Lap, ZoomZoom, Xcess Speed - you get the picture).  I was thinking 'Blizzard', as she was born after a big one, but then Banzai came to mind, along with Boomerang.
Any ideas, feel free.

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  1. The blog tricked me! I thought I left a comment. I suggested Blitz for a name. On the indoor shots, I think she looks blue...