Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snow Gone, Rain Not

We needed the water.  Didn't need the 22" of snow (believe it not, NOT a record!!), the ice or the massive rain that followed it all.  But, we got it, and we deal with it.  It's how it works up here.  Sure, a few people moan and complain.  Young guys, not generally known as reservoirs of common sense anyway, got stupid on the roads covered with snow and ice and got themselves into trouble.  But from the moment the first warnings went out on Thursday morning the 7th of February, people collected their kids from school, left work, went home and stayed there.  Yes, the power went out all over the place.  Even today, there are still a few hundred people without power.  Very few griped at the power companies; mostly everyone understood they were doing their very best, working as hard but as safely as possible.  People were bringing the power workers coffee and cookies and the like.  People were also checking up on their neighbours to make sure everyone was okay.  Those who had power were running extension cords to those without to power what they could.  Not many people were panic buying generators or water; most people were well prepared.  Where it was safe to do so, everyone was out sledding or snowshoeing, downhill and crosscountry skiing, snowboarding, building snow people and forts and having snowball fights.
Up here, it seems people are ready for about anything, even an unpredictable, massive winter storm of epic proportions.  And when they can't do a darn thing about it, they adapt and deal with it without a lot of moaning and finger pointing.  There were exceptions, there are some who complained loudly to anyone who would listen, but  very few.  One transplant from Minnesota (they know snow there, you betcha) interviewed by a local news station was pretty upbeat, in spite of being without power, at that time, for 3 days.  Her philosophy was a simple one - it happened, you deal with it, and at least it's not 40 below zero.  Wise words, indeed.
 We could finally get out the new gate to the mailbox
 That berm of snow is STILL there!
 From a lake of snow, to just plain a lake in the Nusbaum's grass seed field to the southeast
 The old red barn is reflected in one of our seasonal ponds, along with a stubborn mound of snow

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