Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mulching the Mud

One project that had been talked about but never seriously was mulching the area around the swing and deck, under the big Norway maple and black walnut trees.  We'd tried for nearly 8 years with little success to get much grass to grow in that area, altho the wild garlic and English daisy seemed to do almost as well as the moss under there.  In the winter, it became a muddy area that the dogs would go slithering around in just before they came in the house.  So, with Dale gone down to California for a week on business,  Mark and I at Lane Forest Products got busy planning to surprise him with a completed job when he got back.  Only, Mother Nature had other ideas.  With one delivery date scuttled due to technical difficulties, a second date was set for Thursday the 6th.  Only, if you go back to that date in this blog, you'll see why that didn't happen either.  By the time Dale got home the next day, we had almost 22" of snow on the ground.
But, we finally got the stars and weather to align just so, and this morning Duane and his helper arrived with the big blower truck and 30 yards of hemlock mulch.  By then it was no longer a surprise, because as the snow melted, the channel I'd cut to contain the mulch appeared, and the jig was up.  Within an hour, the guys had blown in the entire load, between the new area and touching up the dog run and other areas, and it looked fabulous!

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  1. looks stunning. As usual, I can't wait to see it in person. I have only one question; how do you keep the mulch from scattering into the grass?