Thursday, February 27, 2014

It's a Girl....and a Girl!

Twyla is such a great ewe.  She always has twins, they are usually girls, and she rarely has a problem.  2 years ago, we nearly lost her shortly after she delivered a set of twin ewes, to milk fever.  Dr. Vanegas and his team from OSU were on their way out to Don's anyway, and that is the only reason she survived.  They detoured to the ranch and worked like heck to save Twyla, with obvious success.  Otherwise, she's a quick and easy lamber, GREAT milker (yes, check out that udder and weep, milk sheep people) and a superb mother who's daughters are just like her.
It's a 'B' year, and I can't help myself, but I just kept thinking 'Betty' and 'Boop'.
The series of shots 4 down are of a cat learning the consequences of trespassing on a momma ewe's turf when there are newborns in the house.  That was Good Cat taking a bit of a beating from Twyla.  No, she never touched him, but she sure let him know that she could and she would.
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 Minutes old

 Good Cat about to learn a lesson.  No, sorry, he's a cat, no learning allowed
 Sire is Rango, black and white.  Mom is Twyla, black and white.  Betty - um, RED and white???
 Good Cat scat
 Looking offended, of course
That ewe lamb is seriously red!

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