Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentines Day - Calf #3 Arrives

There sure are better ways to spend Valentine's Day than on your knees, in the dark, in the mud, pulling a calf, but that's how our V Day went, along with Dr. Vanegas and students Raphael and Kendra from OSU.  In the end, it was all good, with a fine, live bull calf, Morgan Rivers Bodacious "Bodie" installed in the barn, with a bottle of colostrum down him, waiting for mom to get over her tranquilizers and get going on being the good mom she always has been.  And, in the end, she did.  By 1 am this morning, Bodie was done with the bottle, mom was pretty well recovered and no longer feeling like he was some sort of alien being she needed to head butt out of the pen, and I was more than ready to follow Bodie's example and hit the hay myself.

 Most likely the 'butt' of the problem delivering - what a butt this guy has!

 Not quite sure how to cross the raging river.  He ended up walking around it, despite mom telling him it was okay
 Bodie meets Banshee.  Millie was not pleased

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