Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Delightful Weather

Yep, it's February.  Snow's gone now.  Rain is coming, off and on, giving us some hope for the upcoming grass growing season.  We hit 60 for the first time since November, for a brief, glorious moment.  The bees got busy, put out their dead and took their cleansing flights, so I plucked a succulent from out of the greenhouse for them to enjoy a bit of fresh nectar.  The calves were enjoying themselves immensely, as evidenced by the number of cars parking alongside the pasture and taking pictures or just enjoying the show.  Must get on the stick about charging admission or it will be a missed opportunity.
2 days ago, the first of the daffodils popped open.  Our annual Daffodil Drive and Festival is coming up in 2 weeks, and I think that the timing will be as perfect as it could possibly be.
Winter may not be done with us yet, but every once in a while, it relents and lets us see the upcoming spring in little bits like this

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