Friday, February 14, 2014

Bridgette, Second Calf of the Season

Sapphire (Roar X Moon) is such a good girl.  She waited until I left the vet's office in Veneta, 40 minutes away, to start delivering her calf.  Dale called about 10 minutes after I'd dropped Sybil off to be spayed and said that a cow was calving.  Since it was supposed to be LeeLu, due tomorrow (Saturday) but currently in the round pen with a water bag hanging out, I figured that was who it was, since Millie had already calved a week early, and Sapphire wasn't due until the 22nd.  I ditched my errands - okay, I nixed going to Pfieffer to pick up some wine - got home, saw mom and baby lying out in the pasture, changed clothes and wandered out.  As I went thru the gate, I glanced at who I thought was Sapphire, grazing calmly - and realized THAT was LeeLu.  No baby in sight, no gooey butt, so definitely not her calving.
Sapphire did her usual wonderful, easy job of it; I did make it home in just under 35 minutes without breaking many traffic laws (and only minor ones I'm sure) and by then, Bridgette was up, running, jumping and bound and determined to find those faucets by any means available.  A spunky, 70# bundle of energy wrapped in pure black, that's little Miss Bridgette.
I just saw feet at the gateway on LeeLu, so I need to go out and monitor progress, as with her it's usually pretty quick.  Don't forget to click on the pix and start the slideshow, and a LOT more cute calf pictures coming your way!
 Sapphire is a great momma

 On the run.  Places to go, people to see
 Whoa!!  Who the heck are YOU?
 Did I mention she's about an hour old?

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