Sunday, February 9, 2014


Today marks the beginning of the end of the snow, as it is above freezing now, not raining anymore, and after a 22 hour power outage, we have heat again, not that we were complaining - much.  At least outside temperatures weren't in the 20's anymore.  But it was a somewhat sleepless night, what with the power trucks going up and down Dawson with their big floods, spotting the wires and finding the problem (tree took down the grid in our area but good).
The icy snow was a big mess this morning.  Normally the dogs enjoy their first outing of the morning, bursting out the door in a flood of pent up energy, but the past two days, it's been more of a cautious, is-it-still-slippery-and-icky? saunter, especially for Gem the BC, who normally goes out and takes her time surveying things that might have happened during the night.  The past four days have been more of a I'm-done-already-let-me-IN-RIGHT-NOW thing for her.
But, there is still beauty to be appreciated out there.  Between dealing with Millie's newborn (first calf of the season) and Dale clearing gates with the tractor so we could get into the pastures and haul feed out to Pony, there were a lot of little bits of beauty to behold.  And it even came with a soundtrack - the sound of trees and limbs snapping and thudding to the ground with the rapidly thawing snowload.

 I'm afraid the heirloom pear crop will be a bit short this year
 We had to take the gate off to get thru it so Dale and Big Orange could go get the bucket on and start clearing
 Icy, wet snow puddles

 The fibre optic grass, planted in a rotted apple tree trunk section
 Japanese maple 'Nishiki'
 When the power goes out - and stays out - those who can fire up the generator to make coffee and keep the pellet stove humming
 It looked like some sort of weird, fanged, lizard-snake-Moray eel thing
 The debris field under the black walnut and Norway maple.  The debris field under the ancient oaks where the boys from Buena Vista did their work last fall - nearly non-existent
 Two limbs down on the giant Western red cedar
All we can hope for is that the entire sheet of snow doesn't come down at once!

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