Saturday, February 15, 2014

Aftermath, Part II

It's been a pretty big mess, and even now, still is to some extent.  The ice and snow followed by massive rain brought down a lot of trees.  We took a walk around the park before the ranger closed it to see how bad it was.  It was pretty bad.  And, on our normal packwalk, we saw Juan's tree, the big, stately beech tree, now just a stump but thankfully, it barely missed the house.  Others were not so lucky.
 Our beloved Bellfountain Park, in tatters
 That nice, straight dark line is actually a huge Doug fir that came down in the back of the park, neatly missing every tree around it

 The stump of the downed Doug
 My pal Romella has a great sense of humour
 Juan's magnificent tree, now just firewood and a stump
Out in the north pasture oak and fir grove, the cows gather around a massive oak limb that is now a dandy scratching post

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