Thursday, February 27, 2014

It's a Girl....and a Girl!

Twyla is such a great ewe.  She always has twins, they are usually girls, and she rarely has a problem.  2 years ago, we nearly lost her shortly after she delivered a set of twin ewes, to milk fever.  Dr. Vanegas and his team from OSU were on their way out to Don's anyway, and that is the only reason she survived.  They detoured to the ranch and worked like heck to save Twyla, with obvious success.  Otherwise, she's a quick and easy lamber, GREAT milker (yes, check out that udder and weep, milk sheep people) and a superb mother who's daughters are just like her.
It's a 'B' year, and I can't help myself, but I just kept thinking 'Betty' and 'Boop'.
The series of shots 4 down are of a cat learning the consequences of trespassing on a momma ewe's turf when there are newborns in the house.  That was Good Cat taking a bit of a beating from Twyla.  No, she never touched him, but she sure let him know that she could and she would.
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 Minutes old

 Good Cat about to learn a lesson.  No, sorry, he's a cat, no learning allowed
 Sire is Rango, black and white.  Mom is Twyla, black and white.  Betty - um, RED and white???
 Good Cat scat
 Looking offended, of course
That ewe lamb is seriously red!

Boy Got Ball

Do I really have to say it?

Mulching the Mud

One project that had been talked about but never seriously was mulching the area around the swing and deck, under the big Norway maple and black walnut trees.  We'd tried for nearly 8 years with little success to get much grass to grow in that area, altho the wild garlic and English daisy seemed to do almost as well as the moss under there.  In the winter, it became a muddy area that the dogs would go slithering around in just before they came in the house.  So, with Dale gone down to California for a week on business,  Mark and I at Lane Forest Products got busy planning to surprise him with a completed job when he got back.  Only, Mother Nature had other ideas.  With one delivery date scuttled due to technical difficulties, a second date was set for Thursday the 6th.  Only, if you go back to that date in this blog, you'll see why that didn't happen either.  By the time Dale got home the next day, we had almost 22" of snow on the ground.
But, we finally got the stars and weather to align just so, and this morning Duane and his helper arrived with the big blower truck and 30 yards of hemlock mulch.  By then it was no longer a surprise, because as the snow melted, the channel I'd cut to contain the mulch appeared, and the jig was up.  Within an hour, the guys had blown in the entire load, between the new area and touching up the dog run and other areas, and it looked fabulous!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Baby Bovine Bonanza

Your daily cute calf picture fix.  Enjoy!
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 Bodie, 11 days
 Bridgette, 12 days
 Love that funny tongue!

 Banshee, 16 days.  Millie and Roar do a right fine job on their heifers!

Double the Trouble

Trouble on the hooves.  Bridgette (black heifer) and Bodie, trying to act innocent and failing

Delightful Weather

Yep, it's February.  Snow's gone now.  Rain is coming, off and on, giving us some hope for the upcoming grass growing season.  We hit 60 for the first time since November, for a brief, glorious moment.  The bees got busy, put out their dead and took their cleansing flights, so I plucked a succulent from out of the greenhouse for them to enjoy a bit of fresh nectar.  The calves were enjoying themselves immensely, as evidenced by the number of cars parking alongside the pasture and taking pictures or just enjoying the show.  Must get on the stick about charging admission or it will be a missed opportunity.
2 days ago, the first of the daffodils popped open.  Our annual Daffodil Drive and Festival is coming up in 2 weeks, and I think that the timing will be as perfect as it could possibly be.
Winter may not be done with us yet, but every once in a while, it relents and lets us see the upcoming spring in little bits like this

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Last of the Epic Snow

With the melting of the last runnels of snow on the west side of the old red barn, we can close the book on this year's epic snowstorm

Awesome Bridgette, 8 Days

Even all muddy, it's just not possible to take a bad picture of Bridgette.  Loooooong, thick, tabletop topline, moves like a dream - but no longer my BFF apparently.  Sad, but I knew this day was coming.  Not spooky, just now into the 'hands off' stage, very typical of calves, but usually starts much younger.
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Bodie at a Week

What a tanker he is!

Banshee and the Sheep

Didn't come out nearly as well as I'd hoped, but I had to shoot from max distance so Banshee wouldn't come visit me and the sheep would stay put.  Click on the pix to see the Wild Child considering approaching the ewes, including one very heavily pregnant Twyla (black with tiny white spot) and Kayla the reddish Navajo-Churro ewe lamb

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

We Need It But....

...while no one is quite complaining - much - at this point, we are kind of thinking we need just a tiny break to let all this water soak in.  And even then, we still need to catch up our deficit.  Not sure what it's currently running, but probably still in the double digits

 In nearly 8 years, I've not seen this much standing water in our north pasture - at all.  The maternity pasture is more like a shallow lake except around the barn, and the working arena IS a lake on the west side
And then there is the last of the snow - yes, snow.  10 days and counting, but at the rate it's been raining, averaging over an inch every 24 hours, I expect this side to be gone by tonite and the west side, which was much deeper, in the next few days.  Unless, of course, it snows again on Thursday.  Which it might.  But probably not

Monday, February 17, 2014

Bodie at 3 Days

This boy leaves you no doubt that he is a BULL!

Bridgette at 4 Days

The sun came out briefly this afternoon, and the mommas and babies wandered out of the shelter of the feederbunks to enjoy a bit of it before it started up again.
If you think this girl isn't totally full of herself, just check out those pictures!
 I knew these things on the side of momma Sapphire's head were there for a reason - it's a pacifier, just for me!
 I hope all you Club Calf people over on are looking at this picture.  Or maybe it should be the Saddlebred Horse people looking. Either way, this one is a total poser, and I mean that in a good way.  Endlessly entertaining