Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Last Fence Project Gets Underway

The time had come to finally finish up the fencing across the front of the ranch, including the powered swinging driveway gate, a project that we started planning roughly 7 years ago.  It occupied a low rung on the projects ladder, and we always seemed to be moving other projects up said ladder ahead of it.  But the night Xena brought Hoke back from the park sealed the deal.  I know he was just running off the dumb deer that hangs out at night, but he knows better than to cross the road and chose to ignore his better judgment.  Therefore, time to remedy that situation permanently.  Craig at Tack Fence and Fabrication had done such a nice job on Don's new place (two big sliding driveway gates, 6' chainlink and 10' field fencing), we got him out to look over our project, and they start tomorrow.  Of course, we started first, lopping limbs and mowing a path thru the bloody ivy and St. John's wort.  That was a big enough job in itself.  But it's all ready for them to set posts for the chainlink while Craig builds the custom single swing gate for the driveway.  The most visible portion of the fencing, along the driveway, will be matching wrought iron panels.  You will not really see the chainlink part at all under the trees, which is just perfect
 Ivy, before mowing the path
 If you look closely at the mulch next to the driveway you'll see white paint marking the location of the posts for the gate

 Dale took a lot of big limbs off the Dougs out front, as well as removing some of the dead madrone trees mixed in there
 First pass with the mower.  Did I mention how NOT heartbroken I am about losing some of that damn ivy?
 First pass complete, above, and final pass complete, below

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  1. now you just need to keep the damn ivy from growing on your new fence!