Friday, January 24, 2014

Oops, It Happened Again

Whoa!  2 days in a ROW without fog??  What the heck's up with that?
Gotta love the colour of the sky - completely unretouched in any way, shape or form (except I did some cropping, about the only thing I'm good at with the software).
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 A frosty but gorgeous start to the morning
 In a way, this is a beautiful shot.  But in another way, it's a disaster in the making.  The pastures should be green and growing right now, but we are on day 12 of zero rain, edging up on the all time record for January of 14 consecutive rain-free days.  Not good
 But, the cute little crocus' sure are fun to see pop up

Are you KIDDING me??  20 degrees higher than it had been for weeks!

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