Sunday, January 5, 2014

Another Stunning Sunset

I promised myself NOT to take more than 2 pictures of the sunset on January 2nd.  Which of course meant I took about 8 before I finally stopped myself.  Then, I promised myself NOT to publish more than 2.  I count as well as the BBC 'Top Gear' crew, if you saw their 'Top Gear Top 41' late last year.
I just can't help myself.  Dale and I both lived in Hawai'i in the 70's and 80's.  He lived there a lot longer than I did, and we both were there during the actual film camera decades, where it cost money to buy film and develop and print film.  Thus, you tended to be a bit more conservative in your picture taking, and editing was a real pain in the butt unless you did your own developing and printing (I did).  And it was pretty low tech too.
I was a young, single sailor back in 1981 when I was there.  There were times when I'd wake up on the beach at Kaneohe at the Marine base after a night of carousing and watch the gorgeous sunrise, which tended to take the mind off the pounding of ones head.  Then hop on the trusty Yamaha 550 and buzz back to Waipahu where I lived in time to catch the gorgeous sunset.  After a few weeks of that, they all kinda start to look about the same, and you kinda really stop noticing them.  Which is a shame, because they were always pretty spectacular.
Here in the winter we get our drop dead best sunsets, but usually it's cloudy and at least in most years, rainy, and you don't usually get to see them.  Which explains why I take so many pictures of them when we do get the rare opportunity to watch one.  They are like precious jewels to us in the Pacific Northwest, and to have them to take out and look at over and over again during the dark, dreary, rainy days we don't have them is to lift your spirits.
Thank you, digital age, for making it possible to take so many pictures of our sunsets to enjoy over and over again.  These were taken with the little Canon S110, handheld, flash disabled on the 'Auto' setting and a darn fine job it did capturing the colours.  I did nothing beyond cropping to the shots, no colour correction  or anything else.
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  1. They do, don't they? Can't help but like anything that looks like that!