Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Big Chill 2013 Edition, Day 7

Know what's somewhat irritating?  Watch the national news at night.  See all the weather coverage given to the Midwest and east coast and Texas with the ice and snow?  Hey, these places REGULARLY GET THIS TYPE OF WEATHER THIS TIME OF YEAR!  Watching the same video of the cars flying down the icy stretch of freeway near Milwaukee and slamming into each other over and over again?  Gimme a break.  Deicing planes at DFW?  Please.  Anyone notice that here in the Pacific Northwest, where we DO NOT GET THIS TYPE OF WEATHER EXCEPT ABOUT EVERY 40 YEARS, the coverage has been basically nil?  The coldest weather ever recorded since recording started around 1890 was -12 in Eugene, and we came within 2 degrees of breaking said record - and not a peep on the national news. Over half the Willamette Valley shut down - unless you live HERE, you don't even KNOW.  For the SEVENTH DAY IN A ROW!  Hello, ABC/NBC/CBS?  Guess what?  There's a whole, unexplored section of the country for you to discover, and it's called the Pacific Northwest.  Come out and see us sometime.  We even speak English here.  And you don't need to exchange your currency, we use the US dollar too!

 And you thought you needed rain to have colourful rainbows?  This is an icebow, and it intersected a contrail and a cloud to make a fabulous picture
Just for Shelly, another shot of the rain chain with the way creepy shadow on the wall

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