Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Big Chill 2013 Edition, Day 6

So, a bit of a heat wave here.  Not much has changed; ice still needs breaking several times a day, tanks filling a coupla times a day, cows just wanna eat and eat and eat (and who can blame them, not much else to do!).  Took me the better part of 20 minutes to free one of the back pasture gates from the icy mud so that I could go into Sharon's pasture and break the ice on her stock tank.  Her heifers were all standing around watching me break the ice on Pony's tank and drooling, so I figured I should go help them out.  They were pretty durn happy, at least once I stopped beating on the ice with the hammer and flinging iceberg sized chunks at their feet.
We did make it to 24 for a high, which means roads are still dicey at best and schools are mostly still closed.  This is the longest the snow up here has lasted in the 7 years we've been here; usually, it's here for a day or two then gone, but it's barely gone away even in the heavily travelled areas.
The big thing I'll miss once it goes is the absolute silence.  Those who have been here at the ranch know it's quiet anyway, but with the snow, the hush is absolute, like having cotton in your ears.  You can actually feel it when you stand still, especially in the evening

 The maternity pasture tank had some huge icebergs in it until Dale managed to muscle them out
 Chilly chickens
 JAAS (Just Another Arty Shot)
 I tried to capture the soft lavender grey of the evening sky with the stately old oak

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