Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Big Chill 2013 Edition, Day 4

Oh no, we hadn't gotten to the worst - yet.  This was pretty nippy, tho.  Still having to break ice on the tanks several times a day and get water to the hens and barn cats whenever we got out to the barn.  But the day dawned cold, but clear as can be, with that extra special blue sky you only see up here with this weather pattern.  The ancient Oregon white oaks were just spectacular, with their frosted, gnarly branches against that sky.  I probably went a little nuts with the camera, but it was just a postcard with every step.
Don't forget to click on the first picture to start the slideshow, and enjoy!

 Wheat farmers have crop circles.  We have snow blotches.  Some strange, alien entity obviously made these in the north pasture overnight.  Must get OSU on the case to examine and identify the creature(s)
 The black walnut makes a spectacular show, sort of a herd of octopi exploding out of the depths
 The concept was sound - the snowman window reflecting the snowy yard - but the execution left much to be desired

 Like I said, couldn't help myself.  The texture of the snow on the top rail was just too good to pass up

 The rainchain is always splendid in ice
 What's a Christmas tree without snow in the background?
The snowman table, pretty as a picture with blue sky and plenty of snow for a backdrop finally!

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  1. love the iced up rainchain! Gee, under a blanket of snow, everything looks so different. No more patches of grass, or asphalt or pasture. And the absence of leaves too! Makes the ranch look completely different.