Friday, December 6, 2013

The Big Chill 2013 Edition, Day 3

Brace yourself.  There are a LOT of cutesy, artsy pix coming your way.
Even tho Wunderground forecast no snow accumulation until about 1200 today, at 10 last night we already had snow on the ground.  At 1200 today, it really started coming down.  Roads were closed or closing everywhere, as were schools and stores and other such things.  My own thoughts on driving in these conditions, in places like here where it's not unusual but doesn't happen often, is that only people over the age of 45 and under the age of 70 should be allowed on the roads on days like today.  Even with 6 wheel drive, the dually neatly slid down Bellfountain Road, past the turn onto Coon Road that we were aiming for.  Dale just put it in reverse and backed up the hill to the intersection and made the turn.  And that's a nearly 9,000 pound truck with 6 wheel drive and a careful driver behind the wheel. 
The dogs are loving it, they always do.  Gizmo hated snow with a passion, but then, he also hated rain, hot driveways, tall grass, cows and sheep, the other dogs, cold couches, pretty much anything that didn't cater to his desires specifically.  Sybil and Cricket find absolute joy in snowplowing with their noses thru the snow, while Hoke grabs a mouthful and flings it in the air.  Gem seemingly ignores it; it's just something else that isn't either Cricket or sheep that doesn't bear much investigation.  She did, however, find her sliding stops and turns on the pack walk to have acquired a new dimension in traction.
Don't forget to click on the first picture to start the slideshow, and enjoy!
 Cricket the canine snowplow

 Sybil and the Morgan River tongue
 The greenhouse acquires a rather abstract roof covering
 The holiday display gains some appropriate accompaniment
 I've always loved the look of the old red barn in contrast to the black and whites of the snowy landscape
 Dovie the Navajo-Churro pokes her head out of the barn to check for falling snow.  Yep, got some going on
 Auroara in her first ever snow
 Same for Autumn
 Pony and Pepperpot the goat.  Pepper HATES the snow.  She is a Nubian, after all, denizen of the desert climes
 Pony chews some snow off Pepper's back

 Dale with Hoke and Gem the BC at the start of the pack walk this morning.  Yes, he does have a cuppa with him
 Gem, oblivious of the beauty around her, focuses on Cricket as always
 There are two really happy girls, Gem the BC and the old lady Cricket

 Dale in his guise as Iditarod sled dog handler

 In these conditions, this is the only sled you need
 Hoke gets a little run time in.  Because of his two bad back knees, we don't let him do this on the pack walk, so he's gotta get what he can when he can
The snowman display in the library bay window, now looking exactly right

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  1. Almost didn't recognize the red barn without the attendant dougs.