Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Big Chill 2013 Edition, Day 2

Yep, it got colder today.  Woke up to frozen water pipes in the kitchen.  Dale opened up the crawlspace access panel and set up both the little ceramic heater down there and then the fan on top, blowing the warmer house air down, and within the hour we had water flowing again.  The stock tanks were another story - the old axe handle wasn't even making a dent and then snapped in two, so I resorted to the small sledge hammer and my foot to break ice on all the tanks.  Several times.  As well as hauling the hose around to refill the two tanks in the north and maternity pastures.  The cows can drink some serious water when it's icy out, the horse and his minions the sheep and goat, not nearly as much.  The hens and cats were glad to have some fresh, non-frozen water as well, as many times as I could get it to them during the day.
But the water rock was the star of the day.  Nothing is quite as ultra cool as flowing water that has frozen for the most part.  In 2009, Multnomah Falls up along the Columbia River in NE Oregon froze, and it was spectacular for those who could actually get up there to see it.  For us, the roads were too icy for the 3 hour drive, plus we had enough to keep us busy on the ranch, what with temps that never got out of the single digits for almost a week.  This year, it appears that we might hit the single digits in the lows on Saturday, but thankfully, at least 20 during the day.  I still remember trying to sweep hundreds of gallons of water out of the garage/shop, water that was freezing into a skating rink as fast as I could sweep it (water pipe in the bathroom broke).  No thanks, I'll pass this year

 Noon, and it's still in the 20's

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