Thursday, December 12, 2013

On Frozen Pond

It rarely happens, but this stretch of below freezing weather gave me an opportunity to show off our two local waterways in all their frozen splendor.  The first three shots are of Big Muddy Creek, about 3 minutes east of the ranch, shown where Dawson Road crosses it about a mile from Hwy 99W.  The next shots were taken just east of Hwy 99W, where Dawson Road turns into Hubbard Road, and the big Long Tom river flows under the bridge just east of Hwy 99W, about 5 minutes from the ranch.
I really wanted to capture the little snowballs on the ice, as well as the frost painted trees before everything started to melt.  Both the Big Muddy and the Long Tom are completely frozen.  Not that you could ice skate or play ice hockey on them, but enough to show the beauty of water not in motion.
These are almost all full sized (not cropped) shots, best viewed on a big screen.  Don't forget to click the first one to start the slide show, and enjoy!
 Big Muddy creek, completely frozen over

 Frozen trees on the banks of the Long Tom river, also completely frozen over

 Long Tom River, rarely seen completely frozen from shore to shore

 I don't know what this was, a spider web maybe?  It went to the wooden post on the guardrail, and I had no intention of touch it

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