Thursday, December 19, 2013

Goodbye to Zamora

Well, Saturday Zam finally got on a trailer headed to his new home in Oregon House, California with Tom and his crew at the Richards Land and Cattle Company (  It was a little sad, seeing little Mr. Pudgebutt heading out of the driveway in Mark's trailer, but he's going to a fabulous ranch, thousands of acres and all the women he can handle.  If you are interested in purchasing some fine, grass fed beef, click on the link above and request a brochure.  You won't be disappointed!
Many, many thanks to Tom for his patience in what became quite an odyssey getting Zam to him, and our thanks for trusting us to send him a really nice bull
 Zam (black) and half bro Zenda (future freezer steer) enjoying a final meal at the ranch before his ride arrives
One last little peek as he heads out of the driveway

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