Thursday, November 7, 2013

You KNOW It's Gonna Be A Bad One When....

....the cows run for cover under the big Doug fir tree.  Good thing lightning is fairly rare out here, otherwise we'd have to train them NOT to seek shelter under one of the tallest trees in the pasture.
You might think those specks in the picture are dirt on the camera lens, but rest assured, those are leaves departing the area at a rather rapid rate.  This mid-morning front blew thru with a suddenness and intensity we don't see very often.  One minute, literally, it was just a few sprinkles with zero wind, and then it was blowing over 30mph and a half inch of rain was sleeting sideways.  What appears to be fog down towards the valley is the rain that had just blown over us heading that way.
Must be the rainy season!