Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ice Dancing, Aussie Style

It's been well below freezing since I got back from Wisconsin last Wednesday, which means I spend a part of the mornings going around and breaking ice on stock water tanks.  Usually, if the ice is thin, the cows will just break it themselves.  But it was over an inch thick this time, so they couldn't.
When we had our first freeze up here, Cricket used to watch me use a old Kong toy to break the ice on the water tank.  Then one morning, I watched her pick up the Kong and drop it on the ice, attempting to break it herself.  Now, she just dances on it as that usually works better.  However, as you can see by the pawprints on the top of the ice, even a 50 pound Aussie dancing on the ice wasn't enough.  But credit to her for trying to help out

MY ice chunk.  MINE.  Stay away from it or else.  Hoke has a good time with the ice chunks, one of his fave chew toys besides Cricket 

Didn't get the peppers harvested in time.  They are now under about 2' of mulched leaves and grass

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