Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Beef Day!

The gang expresses its undying gratitude that the Pilgrims didn't bring beef to the table that first Thanksgiving, on a picture perfect mid fall day.
This is the day we all give thanks for various things, usually food, followed by family and home and the like.  Here is another list to ponder this Thanksgiving Day:
Love it or hate it, we live in a democracy.  We are free to vote the best storyteller to Washington to represent us, and if we are displeased with her/his job, we have the right and duty to recall or not re-elect them
At the same time, we have the freedom to voice our displeasure of their performance without fear of being jailed or disappearing forever
We have the freedom to decide where to live without asking permission or being told where we can live
We can, for the most part, jump in our vehicle of choice and drive wherever we want in our country without passports or papers, without fear of being detained for being somewhere we shouldn't be
We can send our kids to school to try and learn useful stuff like math, English and how to fill out college applications.  Or, we can school them ourselves and hope we do a good job
We can watch trashy reality shows all day and all night long if we want
We can either go with the flow, or we can change the flow to suit our dreams
We can choose to help the truly downtrodden with a helping hand to lift them out of their despair and get them going on a better path instead of just giving out money, clothes and food (but those still help, so don't stop doing that on my account).  As it is said, teach them to fish instead of just giving them fish
That's a lot of stuff to give thanks for, and I'm sure you have your own list in mind.  Wherever you may be this day, give your most sincere thanks to what matters most in your own life

Millie leads the charge to the puttputt to see if there is something to eat in it

 Millie poses nicely, first time in 7 years I got a good shot of her
 Roar voices his glee at not being the main course today (or ever)

 And then he annihilates one of the gopher holes out in the hay pasture, with LeeLu grazing calmly in the background

Zamora spends a pensive moment watching his ol' man destroy gopher holes

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  1. Heeheee!~ Fuzzy cows! Look at Millie's topline, now that is straight.