Thursday, October 3, 2013

September Ends with a BIG Splash

It's being called the 'September to Remember' around here.  Our average rainfall in September is 1.23" - TOTAL for the month.  The last time for most places that total was surpassed was in the 1920's, and that was just over 5" for the month of September.  On the 29th, Astoria, Oregon, recorded over 3" IN ONE DAY.  At that point, you knew the record books were going to be updated this year.  I took a series of shots of our weather station at the ranch to record the changing rainfall totals over three days starting the 28th.  The cool thing I noticed was the barometric pressure change between the 28th and 29th - that was about as low a pressure as I've ever seen.  We are sitting right now, with yesterday's minor rain of about .25", at 19.59" for the year.  We should be seeing a number along the lines of 31", so we made up some ground, but still are running a big deficit.  And, to emphasize how dry it was this year - with all the rain, and a lot of places locally got close to 7" in 3 days - there should be standing water everywhere, yet there is hardly a puddle to be found.  Even after all that rain, the ground was so dry that it just sucked it right in.
But, everything sure is greening up strongly.  The cows are chomping away at the tender green grass in the pastures and the lawns need mowing again.  Yesterday I moved the more tender plants into the greenhouse, because in the last pix you'll see where we've been the past few mornings.  And yesterday's rainbows - spectacular.  The camera simply can't do them justice.  The shot from the dogrun of the rain pouring down with the brilliant sunlight also pales in comparison to what it looked like in real time.
The sheets on the bed have been swapped from the 600 thread count cotton to the flannel, and the quilt has come out, along with the fleece blanket.  All the fans have gone back into storage for the year, and I broke out my sweat pants for the first time a few days ago.  Slash burning has begun in earnest finally, and our burn barrel is loaded and ready to fire.  Many trees are turning brilliant colours, including our row of 'October Glory' maples and sweetgums.  Everything is freshly washed and clean, and the mist winding thru the Dougs and giant white oaks on the hills in the morning is just such a beautiful sight to see, I don't even try to capture it with the camera.  I just sit with the dogs in the run and enjoy.
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 The big basket o' mums sure enjoyed the rain!
 Just a pretty shot of the sky, clouds and big silver barn yesterday after the last of the rain swept thru
 Millie poses with a plethora of trees and the mist rising off the hills to the south as the last rain clouds pass by
 Pouring rain and sunshine.  Nothing like it
 Massive double rainbow to the east, over Bellfountain

If there was any doubt fall was on its way, the past few mornings have put that doubt to rest

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  1. Love those glowing pano shots! We're still mostly having summer here. But that's normal.